Fleetwood Mac Debut Vinyl Record SIGNED Peter Green, Mick, John McVie +1 ACOA For Sale

Fleetwood Mac Debut Vinyl Record SIGNED Peter Green, Mick, John McVie +1 ACOA

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Fleetwood Mac Debut Vinyl Record SIGNED Peter Green, Mick, John McVie +1 ACOA:

AutographCOA Certified, you can check the cert number and view this exact items in their database.

Thank you so much for viewing my sales. I have beengetting autographs in person in the Pacific Northwest for over 2.5 decades. Ialso traveled frequently over the years to get autographs up and down the westcoast and beyond. Getting autographs in person is not easy and understanding the logisticsof a person is an ever evolving art form and tracking them down takes skill,time, and money. Couple this with the fact that more and more people simply don’t signor sign very little. This is why only a handful of people do this in each cityand is why people who sell real autographs have seemingly high prices. 99% ofeverything I sell I got signed myself, however I do buy items from fellowhounds now and again and acquire premium vintage signed items for my store aswell. I guarantee everything I sell to pass any reasonable TPA such as ACOA,PSA, JSA or Roger Epperson. Real autographs aren’t usually cheap and if it’stoo good to be true it probably is cause 80% of the signed stuff on is fake.Remember response doesn’t reflect authenticity because proven fake items thatare returned nullify the sale and thus any ability to leave bad response forselling a fake items is gone too.

Shipping, media mail is still cheap but costs have nearly doubledin the last few years. I don’t profit from shipping so if the costs seemabnormally high please bring this to my attention. For albums I use crush proofmailers and I used chip boards and backers and bubble envelopes etc…. and thisall cost money so that is built into the rates. Please keep this in mind. International shipping is crazy high now. requires tracking too so I cannot use the cheaper first class rates. I also use the Global Shipping Program. International buyers, please email me first for all our options and better more accurate quotes.

Condition and specific items details. I list a lot of stuffguys. It takes a lot of time. I can’t always list every single detail so I askthat if you have a specific question about condition or potential minute flawsthat you just ask. Getting autographs can be like a scrum and items can getlittle marks or dents along the way. Usually not, but it can happen. So while99% of the items are perfect relative to the context, for example a used recordis USED!! Some items may have minor flaws so if you are a stickler for detailsshoot me a message here and I will specifically check for you but if it’snoteworthy I’d be forthcoming or just not list it. This also applies to where Igot the items signed. I do not take “proof” photos. Proof photos are one of thebiggest scams in the hobby. 99% of the time they don’t show your specific itemsbeing signed so they prove nothing other than said person was signingautographs at some point in time. These photos are used repeatedly as a licenseto forge. People alter these images by photo shopping items into pictures andyou can go online and grab any “proof” photos and use them as your own. Theother reason I do not take them is because once those cameras come out thesigner usually stops signing as they know it’s for . I don’t wish to makethe signer uncomfortable and stop signing, my goal is to get more autographs,not generic images of them signing. “Proof” photos are big business in LA andNY for example where that photo being a license to forge is more valuable thanthe autograph itself. NY, LA and the UK are cesspools of the forging empire.Keep this in mind.

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