Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP BSK 3010 1977 M/M Lightly Textured Early Pressing Vinyl For Sale

Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP BSK 3010 1977 M/M Lightly Textured Early Pressing Vinyl

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Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP BSK 3010 1977 M/M Lightly Textured Early Pressing Vinyl:

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours LP BSK 3010 1977 Press M/M. Lightly textured early pressing see the texture in photos

Examined 2/6/23: Original OOP, record looks practically untouched Mint, All around a stellar copy!! Inner sleeve, Vinyl, all of it, deep glossy grooves looking unfettered!! Lived in polybag for 25+ years. Please check my reviews for grading response on classics just like this. Pristine archival quality record AND sleeves and I have many others like it in my store. Thxs for looking.

Single releases from the studio album Rumours (1977):

1978 Track 1 - (Single side B) Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop / Second Hands News

1977 Track 2 - Dreams

1977 Track 3 - (Single side B) Don't Stop / Never Going Back Again

1977 Track 4 - Don't Stop / Never Going Back Again

1976 Track 5 - Go Your Own Way

1977 Track 7 - The Chain

1977 Track 8 - You Make Loving Fun

1978 Track 10 - Oh Daddy

1977 Track 11 - (Single side B) You Make Loving Fun / Gold Dust Woman

Inner sleeve mail-in offer:

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Rumours is the eleventh studio album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, February–August 1976 and released February 4, 1977.

People tend to find my record collection when they are looking for a stellar copy of a rare or out of print record. Even my NM stuff is truly top tier and most would call it mint, they aren’t wrong I’m just trying to be fair and honest with what is a damned good collection of records, second to not too many. I honestly thought it would be my kids selling it someday… but I collected I’d rather reap the rewards.

I have collected lots of stuff… in that collection are 3 full shelves of aforementioned high quality mostly deadwax MINT vinyl and while it’s on the smaller side; the 300-400 records I have are some of the highest quality around. Some hidden away for 50 years, AMAZING QUALITY oh and baseball cards, comics, Star Wars, jerseys, shoes, and more over the last 42 years collecting, and I am now selling.

I tend to sell to people who value clean toys. I’m in no rush to sell, so only reasonable offers will be accepted, the right buyers and sellers always meet.

My collection is really unmatched and I’m proud of it and stand behind it; while, SMALL I keep collection REALLY nice. I always opened nearly every record on the seam in order to release pressure on corners and seams, etc. not to listen to them. I report about anything I can see honestly and sell it just as honestly. I know this; and my customers ABSOLUTELY DO as well. They get what they are expecting. And when they haven’t… I work with them, that’s what people do when they make a mistake.

I know what I’m doing AND I’m human who can make mistakes, NEVER intentionally missing a matrix code…. And this community has proven over the past 9 years to be a safe space to sell to other collectors & vinyl seekers.

Heck if you’re just starting out you better start here, with an honest person who treats records and HUMANS right.

Keep up as I post rare, limited, club and new exciting and old dated impressive releases from my personal collection.

If I have a record misrepresented, let me know. I’m a human and some of those Matrix codes are pretty small these days.

Lastly as a long time collector, trader, and seller- I recommended you do a personal cleaning of any new record you plan to listen to BEFORE you play it in order to eliminate any lingering dust & surface static post-shipping for the best experience with mine or anyone’s record.

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