Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little [New CD] For Sale

Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little [New CD]

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Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little [New CD]:

Stevie Nicks - Rock a Little [New CD]

Artist: Stevie Nicks

Title: Rock a Little


Format: CD

Release Date: 2011

Label: Atlantic Mod

UPC: 075679047922

Genre: Rock

Album Tracks

1. I Can't Wait
2. Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)
3. Sister Honey
4. I Sing for the Things
5. Imperial Hotel
6. Some Becomes Strangers
7. Talk to Me
8. The Nightmare
9. If I Were You
10. No Spoken Word
11. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

This out-of-print 1985 solo classic from the Fleetwood Mac gypsy vocalist is available now as a Manufactured on Demand product for those fans who gotta have it. 11 glorious Stevie tracks just waiting for you to "Rock a Little."

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