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Rick Vito Cadillac Man (CD) Album

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Rick Vito Cadillac Man (CD) Album:

Further Details

Title: Cadillac Man
Condition: New
Record Label: Blue Heart
Artist: Rick Vito
Format: CD
Edition: Album
No Of Discs: 1
Release Date: 04/05/2024
Genre: Blues
Style: Blues-Rock
EAN: 0727295152121
Release Year: 2024
1: Love Crazy Baby
2: It's Two A.M.
3: Cadillac Man
4: Little Sheba
5: Bo in Paradise
6: Gone Like a Cool Breeze
7: Crying at Midnight
8: Barbeque'n Baby
9: Just Another Day
10: River's Calling
11: You Can't Stop a Guitar (From Playing the Blues)
12: Sliding Into Blue

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