I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack (CD, 2001) SIGNED For Sale

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack (CD, 2001) SIGNED

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I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack (CD, 2001) SIGNED:

Appears to have been signed by Lee Ann Womack - see pictures for details!
Case is not signed - artwork is.Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for taking a look at this listing. Here in my store, thousands of CDs of all genres are listed, and hundreds of new listings go live daily. Bundles are great, and questions are always allowed. To give you an expectation of what you'll receive from us in the mail, here's how discs are graded:

  • New: The product is still sealed in shrink wrap. Occasionally, the wrap may be torn or the jewel case scratched, but this would be noted. The CD has not been removed or played.
  • Very Good:I don't use this rating because jewel cases and CDs tend to get little bumps and scratches on them after they are opened, even if small. A CD would have to be really nice AND used to get a grade at this level.
  • Good: All original pieces are included and intact. The case opens and closes without falling off, and is without major dents or scratches. The discs have no scratches to light surface scratches that will not affect play. For CD lots (listings with 2 or more CDs of the same artist, genre, etc.), this is an average grade across the discs. Some cases may be acceptable on their own, but if most of the cases are good, they'll be called "Good". If most are acceptable, they'll be called "Acceptable".
  • Acceptable: Some parts such as artwork or the original jewel case may be missing, which are always noted. The disc can have scratching but it is guaranteed to play with no skips.

All discs are guaranteed to play with no skips, or you would be entitled to a refund. The case pictured is the one you will receive 99% of the time. When I have multiple copies of the same CD, I will take pictures of the worst one I have, so you will often receive one better than pictured in the case of multi quantity listings.

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