Fleetwood Mac 1977 Warner Bros. BSK 3010 For Sale

Fleetwood Mac 1977 Warner Bros. BSK 3010

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Fleetwood Mac 1977 Warner Bros. BSK 3010:

This Fleetwood Mac vinyl record is a must-have for any rock music fan. With 33 RPM speed and a black color, this LP is a classic addition to your collection. The record grading is Excellent (EX) and the sleeve grading is also Excellent (EX), ensuring that you will have a high-quality listening experience.

The vinyl is made of durable material and is sealed for added protection. The record label is Warner Bros. and the release title is Rumours, featuring the iconic songs of Fleetwood Mac. This LP is from the 1970s era and is a cardboard sleeve type. The catalog number is BSK 3010 and the language is English. Produced by Cris Morris, Ken Caillat, Fleetwood Mac, and Richard Dashut, this vinyl record is a great investment for any music enthusiast.

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