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Old 06-02-2021, 06:33 AM
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Default My Tusk rediscovery

When was the last time you played Tusk all the way through?

On Memorial Day I was busy at the house with major projects. I dug out my CDs and wanted something I have not heard for awhile. I cant even remember the last time I played Tusk all the way through. When I want to hear a song from Tusk, I can upload it on youtube or something. Anyway, it was a refreshing musical experience and I (re) discovered a few things. The music holds up so well and sounds fresh. How do you describe it? Its not rock. Its not pop. Its pretty folksy i.e. folk rock IMHO. Nothing commercial on any song except Think About Me. When I bought the album as an early teen, I was disappointed because I was looking for the rock songs, the pop songs, and the hit songs. It took a long time for me to appreciate songs like Storms among others. Here is my biggest surprise. For years I have always believed the urban legend that the songs were purposely arranged to not give the album even flow. After this fresh listen, I changed my mind because the album flows very nicely. 2 of the singles are on the first side. The oddity Tusk is almost hidden especially as a first single as the next to last song on the album.

Here is a small list of my re-discoveries.

OMG, I love the drumming on What Makes You Think You're The One. Yes, I've heard it before but with it cranked up on my Bose system, it was extra special. I found this little snippet about the song and its one of the few songs on Lindsey's Tusk songs that he let Mick and John play and Mick is on fire.

Buckingham has remarked that something about hearing the goofy drum sound in his headphones, with its clangy slapback delay, turned Mick Fleetwood into an animal, and Fleetwood’s unhinged performance is hilarious, the highlight of the track. He beats his snare drum brutally, mercilessly, switching his patterns seemingly at random, sometimes playing two and four, sometimes crotchets, switching to double time for two and a half bars and then switching back unannounced – there’s a childlike glee to his performance. It’s a joy to hear such a tasteful musician play so uninhibitedly, throwing away all restraint, while Buckingham bashes out incongruously chirpy piano quavers and cackles maniacally.

The Ledge is actually one of my least favorite tracks on the album but after this recent listen, it was not as quirky as I remember. I would still call the song Tusk the most unconventional of the album.

Christine seems to disappear on the album, then reappear on the last side. After Think About Me, we must wait 10 more songs before Christine appears again for Brown Eyes.

As I already mentioned, IMHO I dont think the tracking was made to make the songs not flow. I found the flow perfect.

I also dug out my Christine Live in Jackson NJ CD. OMG love this treasure that used to sell all the time on Ebay. George Hawkins really could hit high notes on Say You Love Me and then come back down for One In A Million. I love how Chris introduces the band with the heavy beating of the drums in the extended beginning of I'm the One. So cool!
She was hysterical. She was playing Great Adventure Amusement Park in Jackson NJ. She commented, clearly this is not the name of the town. Then she asks the crowd what the name of the town is. Then she exclaims, "I'm really intelligent." OMG that Christine sense of humor!

I also dug out Heroes Are Hard To Find and played the extended Wild Heart reissue. Wow, Stevie's left overs from Wild Heart are so good. Something hit me. I love the reissue version of Sable on Blonde. Its one of her best songs ever. But when the song plays out, I kept telling myself I've heard this before. When the vocals end and the long ending is played, its almost identical to her band's extended ending on How Still My Love on the Wild Heart Tour. Stevie would so this little dance at the end of the song. If you find a How Still My Love recording live in 1983 and then play Sable on Blonde reissue ending, tell me if they are almost the same.

Its fun to rediscover old music. But sometimes when you play CDs or albums to death, I ask myself.....Do I like it because its familiar to me or do I like it because its good?
Christine on Stevie 1984: "10 years ago she really had her feet on the ground but she seems to have developed her own fantasy world, somehow, which Iím not part of. We donít socialize much."
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Old 06-02-2021, 12:38 PM
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Christine seems to disappear on the album, then reappear on the last side. After Think About Me, we must wait 10 more songs before Christine appears again for Brown Eyes.

Her lead vocals, maybe yes.

But she can be heard with absolutely amazing playing all over....
So after Think About Me we get her gorgeous layers of piano and backing vocals all over Sara, her stunning layers of keyboards all through Storms (easily the most overlooked gem on the album... listen with headphones especially. I do wish they had left her vocals on Sisters that we hear on the earlier takes. It would have been so great to have a song with the two of them all these years. It is one of the biggest missed opportunities of the band's career.
Her playing on That's Enough For Me also... in one of the bonus tracks you can hear her trying out her bit and commenting how absurdly fast the beat on that song is for her to play to.

And on and on.

That's the essence of Chris, though.... do her bit, do it well, and she doesn't worry if she's in the spotlight or not.
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