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Old 11-21-2023, 08:41 PM
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My take -- it's an excellent show, but it's too much talent and too many styles. Comes across more as a revue at times.
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Old 11-30-2023, 06:59 AM
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This concert/band rocks. This was the last of an era. By the time the band regrouped for the Dance, the band sounded nothing like this. Gone was the raw and rock sound and the band embraced trying to sound more like the record. We got a neutered The Chain and other songs. I even prefer Little Lies on this tour. I waited 15 years to see Lindsey on stage with this band and I remember feeling guilty that I enjoyed the Farewell concert more. Of course I much prefer Lindsey in the band but I am talking about the sound. This is old fashioned keyboards, bass, guitar and drums.
I love how much dancing Stevie does at these shows and how she constantly engages the guitarists for little trio get togethers on the stage. I loved how during Go Your Own Way she would come out and stand behind Billy and mouth the first verse with him. During the 1987 tour, they tried to make the song less Lindsey with Stevie joining Billy for the second verse. That tradition continued even when Lindsey rejoined the band. Chris is so engaged too. During The Dance she almost appeared bored or depressed. She genuinely looks like she is having fun. For this tour, Stevie would come out of the tent with her hair teased for Stand Back and march to the far corner of the stage waving and the arena would go nuts with her egging on the crowd. People were on their feet and jumping. Some fans could not control themselves and jump on stage. It happened so much that Stevie does not even flinch. She acts like a quarterback in the pocket during a defensive blitz, blocking tackles until security makes it clear for her to step back to the mic. I thought Tear It Up was a great encore too. Stevie was tranquilized but she never misses a beat. She never flubs even one line. During Back of My Mind she turns to Billy and never flubs once. During Love is Dangerous with Rick, she never flubs once. I love Chris at the end when some fan has a tambourine they want to give Stevie but Stevie wont take it. Chris is so kind to the fan and takes it from the fan and then hands it off to Stevie. Mission accomplished!
Edit: Another 2 reasons to love this concert. This tour was the one that resurrected Landslide into the set. It also was the last time it was not the "sing a long" version in concert. While better with Lindsey, this rawness and spontaneousness of the song is pure magic. Lastly this was the final Chris Fleetwood Mac concert tour promoting an album. Is that not sad to think about it. While she did Time, she did not tour. She was not part of SYW either. So 1990 was her last gig promoting a Fleetwood Mac album. Which is why Buck/Vie was so special.
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