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Old 06-05-2020, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I disagree. When the Pretenders tour alone, they play small theaters and they are barely full. They are fantastic but don't have such a huge concert lure. Very similar to Christine and Lindsey. It was Chrissy herself who stated during their tour "no one comes to see us, this is Stevie's show.'
Stevie's 24k Gold tour was insanely popular. My belief was just like yours. I thought she could no longer fill arenas. The tour was extended twice. She never had so many sold out shows in her career.
If Stevie was not with the Mac, they would have played to less than half the audience. 2/3 of the Mac's singers could not even fill small theaters.
I know it eats people up to admit it but Stevie fills arenas. So much so, that Mick destroyed the legacy of the band to fire Lindsey. He chose sold out arenas and money over legacy.
If Stevie was to announce a solo tour with no opening act, she would get pretty much the attendance as this current Mac line up. Its been that way for quite a while. The only tour was On With The Show because there was a huge demand for tickets because of Christine reuniting with the band.

In 1986 Stevie filled arenas even double backing to cities because of sold out shows
In 1987 The Mac with Stevie filled about the same amount of arenas

1989 Stevie filled arenas with a mildly successful album and tour
1990 The mac played with less people in mostly full arenas

1997 The Dance sold out - no comparison
1998 Enchanted tour - not as big as the Dance but Stevie fills arenas again after dismal Street Angel tour

Unleashed tour was very successful and played to mostly full arenas
On With the Show - sold out

24K Gold - full arenas, sold out shows, extended twice. Would not stop.

Long story short, she has always packed the house equal to Mac tours except 1994 but the Mac was playing night clubs at that time

Its sad but true, most people who go to Mac shows are there for Stevie. I remember skipping school in 1987 to wait in line for Tango tickets. It was a huge line and almost everyone in line was commenting they were only there to see Stevie. No one cares about Christine. Not that Funny was a waste of concert time, blah blah blah
I don't like this fact but everyone knows it especially Mick.
Just curious which shows sold out? I only know of the LA and NYC shows. I stll think though that the tour was successful becuase of the opener. The reason I say this is becuase why in 2011-2012 did she book small venues like Seneca Falls Casnio, Fox Theater in Detroit etc. She had a top 10 album lots of Tv appearances etc yet the most of her arena shows were opening for Rod.

I think if she booked a new solo tour with nothing to promote and no big well known opener she wouldn't be playing 20,000 seat arena's. Since I have been a fan ( 2001- now) her tours solo have been in ampitheaters mainly with some exceptions .
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