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Old 04-10-2024, 10:50 AM
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Default 2018-2019 Tour

I'm late to the party because I had health issues in 2018 and was upset about the firing of Lindsey. So I didn't go to see them on this tour. I really didn't even follow what was happening, until now. I've been watching tons of YouTube videos and checking out setlistfm.

I really think adding the older material was a pretty good idea. I love Hypnotized and All the things you do. It's a shame they dropped Storms and Hypnotized early into the tour. I can understand Storms being replaced by Gypsy, but what a shame they didn't stick with Hypnotized. It sounded pretty good. I wonder how those songs would have sounded with Lindsey had he toured with FM. Too me, I don't think it would have worked as well. Those are songs that were played years earlier because Lindsey and Stevie had just joined and there wasn't a lot of new material.

What really gets me though is the amount of changing they did on the setlist thru the year long tour.

Storms and Hypnotized gone after a few weeks. Gyspsy replaced Storms. A few week later they dropped I Got You and then added it back in in 2019. They ended up dropping Isn't it Midnight and adding Hold Me in late 2018. And then they dropped Tell Me All The Things You Do and All Over Again.

For the European part of the tour they added Blue Letter to a couple of shows which was a weird choice and dropped Monday Morning. Then added Man of the World. I just wonder what was going on in their heads. Did they think songs weren't working? They seemed to be floundering a bit. I had also read or heard that Stevie and Mike had a few issues and you could tell Chris's voice was having some trouble. Someone on Ivory Keys said Stevie didn't look happy to her. I think John was probably planning on this being his last tour. Maybe as they got into the tour, they realized what a mistake it was to let Lindsey go. Chris did say in an interview that she thought deep down Stevie was sorry for what happened. But who knows for sure on that one. And Irving Azoff said this was their highest grossing tour. But I don't know if I believe that one. What are some of your thoughts on this? Anyone see this tour?

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