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I am always amazed at the love for Hard Feelings on this board. IMHO its the worst song on the album. I dont think Billy can sing very good and its such a D list song. Its something I would expect to hear on amateur night at some bar and grill with a local band.
But to each their own.
I like most of this album more than Tango. Its more rock n roll and wow we hear that bluesy rhythm section humming in a few songs that we have not heard in a long time. Its completely unconventional which I love. No computer bass lines, no pre-programmed stuff like on Tango. Mick, John, Chris and the new guys play everything. I like the title song but I think it could have been so much better with a few refinements.
My favs are:
In The back of my mind
Save Me
Love is dangerous
Skies the limit
When It comes to love
Do you know
I can dig when the sun goes down

Everything else is meh.
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