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I was going to add my list of songs I like from that album, but I realized fast that I couldn’t even remember the songs or the running order without looking it up online. I don’t remember all the song titles or what’s on side 1 or side 2.

If I happen to hear some of it, I tap my foot and drum on my leg a little. But I basically have no nostalgia for that album at all. It’s out of sight, out of mind for me. Unless it’s playing somewhere, I don’t even remember it.

Looking over the track list, I think I actually like “Hard Feelings” the best. The songwriter wrote “Wind Beneath My Wings,” weirdly enough. I think there’s a dearth of really catchy hooks in these songs, and nothing terribly interesting is going on with the orchestration — most of these sound as if the basic tracks were recorded live, like the early Mac albums. But unlike the early Mac albums, these songs aren’t very tough or funny — there’s no attitude. No one in the band sounds very happy or very sad or very angry. Just a bunch of multimillionaires lounging around a recording studio, earning more money. And Ladanyi doesn’t sound any more engaged than the band. This is Fleetwood Mac’s “let’s make an album because what else is there to do at the moment?” album. You can tell that absolutely no one involved in it felt any sort of artistic or emotional compulsion to “get something out” of themselves. It all just feels like an extended advertisement. The album is really soporific, which is probably why almost no one bothers to listen to it.

I’m off to listen to “Hard Feelings” again to see whether it stands up to a second listen. It’s not the Beatles, but it has a little Beatles in it.
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