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I'm a fan of Christine's TIME work. I remember when the album came out and I bought it with trepidation. I was worried that her voice had deteriorated (I thought she was old THEN.) Imagine my genuine excitement when I heard how lovely she sang! I heard "I Do"--a song I don't particularly like--and didn't care. She sounded so damn good on it!

I was also impressed with the Billy-Bekka collaborations, but that's for another thread.

As far as Christine's TIME songs, I'd say "Hollywood," "Nights In Estoril," and "Sooner or Later" are excellent.

The other two, "I Do" and "All Over Again" are pleasant and beautifully sung, but sorely in need of more imaginative arrangements.

A nagging issue I have with some of her TIME material is the blasted keyboard she's using. That tinny, 80s wedding band texture that might have destroyed "Hollywood" and "Nights" is they weren't such good songs.
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