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Default Those With "FM In Chicago" - Please Help With Credits

In researching this album, with a view toward classifying it correctly, I found conflicting information among the links below.

Can someone with a copy of the album can please check the credits and chime in?

Here are the questions the discrepancies raise:

1. "Red Hot Jam" – Does Danny play on it?
2. "I Can't Hold Out" – Does John play on it?
3. "I Can't Hold Out" – Does Peter play on it?
4. "I Got The Blues" – Does John play on it?
5. "I Got The Blues" – Does Peter play on it?

If anyone could please clarify, I'd appreciate it. Then I'll be in a better position to assess to what extent one ought regard this as a proper studio album in the band's discography, or regard it as something more anomalous.


P.S. Jeremy's slide is amazing on this album. Might be his best work.

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