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Originally Posted by KenshiMaster16 View Post
I love this version of Stand Back, too, but I think the Live in Boston version beats it just barely. The bongo intro and how upbeat it is always makes me groove. Plus, the energy bursting from it is unmatched in my eyes. It just goes off once it fully starts.
I would agree with this. I may have a lower opinion than most people on the Tango tour version- there's nothing wrong about it but there's no stand out moments either imo. I'm curious as to what other people like about it, maybe I'm missing something?

Now I CAN get behind the Live in Boston version! Her vocals are on fire, the bongo intro is very well done, Lindsey on guitar kicks ass... there's just so much energy. It totally justifies putting the song in the mac set-list (controversial opinion, even if it did wear out its welcome).
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