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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Make me a mask
That I can wear
'Till day is done
The wind in the trees
The falling leaves
The world's spinning

Make me a mask
So I can laugh
'Till nighttime comes
No more can I stay
How long must I play
This game of winning

If I had known this was only a dream
I would have awakened from this sleep

Make me a mask
So I can last
'Till the right time comes
A tear in my eye
To light I fly
And end is beginning

[Lindsey Buckingham, 1992; contemporary although not from Behind the Mask]

I love this track: simple, beguiling, hypnotic.Somehow, it reminds me of Danny Kirwan. Of course, it's a Lindsey solo track (I believe left over from Out of the Cradle) that he agreed to have an FM moniker on, but I wonder if the words and title are a bit of a jibe at his then-former band. Nearly everything on OOTC is way superior to nearly everything on BTM- title track aside, I wince whenever I summon up the courage to listen to the latter, which I can't say is very often.
To lose Lindsey Buckingham once may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose him twice looks like carelessness.
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