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Default Re: Anne Heche? Could be.

Originally posted by Tim Robinson
I've read the interview, and Anne could be Miranda. The abuse angle certianly fits.

But what's the connection between her and Lindsey? She doesn't mention him in the interview.
The connection between them is that they had a relationship for a while, back in the early 90's I think? '93 sticks in my head for some reason... Les would know - LES??? Help?? They met on an airplane, I remember that. And I remember that she had no idea who he was, and didn't really even know much, if anything about Fleetwood Mac. I think he found that refreshing, from what I remember reading.

I know there was a quote on the Lindsey board at one point, with her version of the relationship and how it started. I think the quote was even from her autobiography. Not certain though...

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