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Default Re: Form vs Content

Originally posted by Tim Robinson
The contrast in "Miranda" is not so stark, so it is ironic rather than funny. The effect is one of detatchment, as if Lindsey doesn't care that Miranda is going to die.
Irony is Lindsey's middle name.

Could I suggest to you that the detachment is a deliberate device he's used to indicate the narrator's helplessness and the inevitability of Miranda's fate? He's narrating her plight from an emotional distance because all he can do is watch, since Miranda "can't stand to be loved" and is "dying with all of her might".

It's a technique I've seen/heard used to good effect in many songs. The detachment and/or resignation of the narrator adds to the senselessness of the tragedy of Miranda's self-destruction.

To my way of thinking, if he didn't care about Miranda, he wouldn't be telling her story. It is, in some ways, forewarning others about the traps of this pattern and this lifestyle.
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