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Originally Posted by anusha View Post
Agree 100% It's a shame that they are both going after each other to this extent. But I think it's less likely for LB to go after SN for any choices she made re: abortion than it is for her to double down on the abuse allegations. But it's hard to say. He's not holding back all that much anymore.

I mean what could possibly make this worth it? Is it worth it to him to be back in the band that much to continue to badmouth her? Are Stevie and her allies so upset about the backlash on firing LB that they're going to go there?

And, seriously, Vanessa Carlton needs to find something better to do than insert herself in the unresolvable fights between LB and SN.

if that's the goal, how the hell is this going to achieve that??

Is the goal, since she's made it clear she won't work with him again, to blow things up and hope the poop only sticks to her? If it's about inner workings of the band, stick to that. There's more than enough of that poop to fascinate everyone.
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