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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
AND, as she is not a first hand witness to anything (or she would have said so "I saw it myself!") She is either a)perpetuating gossip or b) accepting unquestioningly her friend Stevie and/or something written by someone else (Carol) who may or may not have their own agenda when writing their book.

Look, I don't think LB is an angel and it may make me unpopular but I think it is likely he has behaved unacceptably in the past.

If Stevie wants to talk about that, what direct interactions she experienced with him in the past, that's her prerogative, as it was Carol's, and people can either believe or don't believe it.

But third parties who weren't even born when some of this occurred need to be careful about sticking their noses in and testifying to events. They may be testifying to what they heard or were told, but that is not the same as being a witness to an event.

If someone who was directly involved in any alleged incidents wants to come forward, they should. They should not hide behind third parties and third parties need to not take it upon themselves. Stevie has had 50 years to speak out in concrete detail about LB stuff if she wanted. She could talk about it now if she wanted. She and only she should either say something or keep shtum. Planting stories through third parties is bullsh***. Either have the balls to say it or don't.

This whole thing is so ugly and crazy and once the lid is blown off, it will be very very unseemly. It feels to me like both SN and LB are dancing very close to a dangerous edge here... she's either going to cross that edge and say something concrete about his behavior or he's going to cross that edge and go from saying she's alone because she doesn't have kids to saying she doesn't have kids because she terminated pregnancies. I really feel like each of them is a powder keg potentially ready to go full-throttle about stuff that is decades old. It's gross.

I think if there really was some dirt on Lindsey that we donít already know it would have come out by now.

As for Carol I donít care much for her. On one hand I do believe her abuse claims but then on the other I have to wonder given we know sever stories arenít factually accurate. Plus itís her constant shameless promotion of the book long after it came and went and the fact that only when people started going after her did she try to get sympathy by saying the book is about domestic violence and to heal etc. I call BS. She went on Geraldo for a paycheque and wrote the book to both get her name out there again as well as to sling mud at Lindsey and members of FM. Her entire social media presence is devoted to the book and nothing more.

As for Vanessa sheís sinking in the gutter with her trash talk. Think of all the artists who have worked with him and never had anything bad to say about him. Yet because the post says so it automatically has to be true. She didnít see anything nor experienced anything bad herself so she has no business slinging mud.

Sheís just riding Stevieís coattails hoping to get her stalled career back.
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