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Originally Posted by tango87 View Post
How's that for an active creative musician? This is how it's done.
Yes, this is how it’s done. Lindsey is in such close artistic touch with all his influences, from Brian Wilson to Revolver-era Beatles to Donovan, that he can write these choral earworms in his sleep. This one is lovely—the way he sings “weeping willow/on my pillow” is a beautifully felt way to express optimism and the maturity with which the guy in the lyric faces setbacks. The two-note guitar pattern (what could be simpler than a major second?) is a master class in how to use a carefully devised guitar part to extend the emotional palette of a song without making a grandstanding guitar statement. Think of what it adds to the chorus—how richer the chorus is with it. When Lindsey talks, for example, about Scotty Moore or George Harrison and making the guitar serve the song, this is what he means.
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