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During the quarantine, one year ago, Behind The Mask and Time became my most listened albums. But I enjoyed them in a very different way, just to say that Time is better than BTM. Trust me! Haha
There's really good songs, Love Is Dangerous, ITBOMM, Do You Know, Behind The Mask and, especially, When It Comes To Love. I really like this last one! I think it's a good one for the album, more if you think that Side 2 has not great songs...
The ending song is simply bad. Bad bad bad. I simply skip it, and trust me that it's rare for me to skip a FM song -except for some like Oh Daddy, Honey Hi, Beautiful Child, Storms...-.
Save Me and Skies The Limit are good, but I think they lost a lot putting them as the promotional songs of the album. The better job was inside!
Happy 31, Behind The Mask!
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