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Originally Posted by elle View Post
good good.

way too many SN stans on social media have been lately going in crazy circles trying to belittle LB's genius (guess to try to make her more important or something? makes no sense, really, they were all important in their very different ways), thanks for explaining it was just misplaced quotation marks.

hugs back, hope you are doing well and staying safe!
I apologize about my misplaced quotation marks, Ms. Elle. My boyfriend is the English teacher and professional article transcriber and I’m not. I was just quoting what I believed probably most fans and the general public were thinking back in 1990. I know Lindsey knows what he’s doing in the studio when it comes to recording, mixing, engineering and etc. He has written his share of hits for the band. I’ll admit that Stevie is still my favorite member of the band but that really is only because of her solo work. Music is subjective and EVERYONE has their feelings and opinions as it should be. However I am NOT a fan of her diva attitude as of late and I do still feel awful about how they discharged Lindsey from the group. It kind of disgusts me. It’s not fair at all. And it doesn’t feel right. I know I’m not alone on this opinion. But anyway, this thread is about Behind The Mask and it’s 30th Anniversary.

What are your top 5 favs, if you could only pick 5 from this album? And sorry, this is a general question for everyone...

For myself
1-Love Is Dangerous
2-Save Me
3-In The Back Of My Mind
4-Behind The Mask

And Make Me A Mask is one of Lindsey’s most hypnotic songs. I love it BTW..

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