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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Make me a mask
That I can wear
'Till day is done
The wind in the trees
The falling leaves
The world's spinning

Make me a mask
So I can laugh
'Till nighttime comes
No more can I stay
How long must I play
This game of winning

If I had known this was only a dream
I would have awakened from this sleep

Make me a mask
So I can last
'Till the right time comes
A tear in my eye
To light I fly
And end is beginning

[Lindsey Buckingham, 1992; contemporary although not from Behind the Mask]

why quotation marks? it is pretty much an accepted fact, whether or not you like his & Classic 5 era music or not. #GetOverIt
“#GetOverIt” Really, though? Yes I DO believe he is a genius and obviously a vital member of the band and greatly contributed to their sound and their success. My goodness. Relax, it’s all good. There was definitely magic with the Rumours 5. It’s pretty obvious. I only used quotations on that because there are fans who kept believing that the band as a whole were not good without him. All incarnations of this band are awesome. Thank you. Hugs ��

Forgot to add it is pretty ironic that I have to wear a mask if I go out in public as of right now
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