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Originally Posted by David View Post
I actually love it when these people around the periphery — let’s call them marginalia — get catty with the band. Billy and Rick have obviously tried to do so, but they’re both too gentle (or too afraid of never being asked back to the periphery). But a Fleetwood Mac without these recriminations and psychodramatics is like a corned beef Reuben without sauerkraut. Bring it, boys.
We all certainly get catty about the band here, so why not Brad? He can give his opinion just like we can. But I’m curious about your comment re Rick- when has he ever tried to be catty about FM? I don’t recall him ever saying anything negative about his experience in the band. Even if he did, I guess he has that right anyway, after all it was his experience. I’m sure he had great highs and lows during his stint, I’m just curious as to what you were referring to.

Billy’s book was written before Neil was chosen to replace Lindsey, and he had a ton of good things to say about FM. Despite that, I completely get why he was po’ed about not being chosen to come back. I’m sure that really hurt. I’m glad he recovered from his heart issues and COVID, and Lindsey from his heart attack.
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