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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Administrator, I must respond. I shared the TMZ article with my Hispanic friends and they shared the sentiments of Nathan. He brought the TikTok excitement which brough Rumours and Dreams to the top again. They felt that a person of color was being cheated for bringing an old white woman money. If you feel that's political, I'm sorry. I thought it's real world perspective.

I don't think Soldier's Angel is a political song. It's really about supporting the military. Show Them the Way is more political.
You do agree that Nathan enriched himself handsomely over his video? On this instance, I don't think his race has anything to do with this conversation. His video did bring Stevie a few extra dollars. But it also got him significantly richer and famous. He is not a victim. He was creative and used someone else's song. For that, he hit the lottery. As ridiculous as it is for him to ask Stevie to split proceeds of her own song, it would be equally ridiculous for Stevie to ask him to pay her from his riches he made off her song.
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