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Originally Posted by StevieandChris View Post
I have never seen this video, it sounds like it is a horrid performance!
Despite what others say, it's definitely worth checking out, as a relic if nothing else of when editors had a very misguided view of what was appropriate for a concert video. There's one great performance, a *few* decent songs (with caveats) and a bunch of crappers.

Worth it for:

Isn't It Midnight: I detailed why I love this version of this song in an earlier post in this thread. Always makes my "best of" Mac playlists.

Seven Wonders: The only song Stevie didn't butcher. It almost benefits from the chiller Klonopin vocals.

The Chain: A decent rendition of this song. Billy doesn't do bad with Lindsey's parts and Stevie's additions are fine. Chris is inaudible though.

Songbird: Ditto

Little Lies: A bit lacking in energy but probably the best pro-shot recording we have of this song since it wasn't performed that often until recently.

I Loved Another Woman: Vito does this old song justice, even if it seems out of place next to literally everything else in the set. The editing does it's best to suck the energy out of the song too.

and NOT worth if for.:

Dreams: Such a lazy performance of this song, and the editing is especially heinous. There are far better performances of this song, even in the Klonopin era.

World Turning: Instead of a drum solo it has Mick playing with that MIDI sound vest. Pass.

Gold Dust Woman: See previous posts.

Oh Well: Not a fan of Billy as a singer so this is purely personal preference. It is musically performed well though.

Stand Back: This song is never performed *terribly* but when literally every recording is better vocally and musically, this one doesn't have much of a reason to exist. Fleetwood Mac adds nothing interesting here.

Everywhere: The editing on this is horrible but the song itself is done well and Christine sounds fine. The ISSUE is that the chorus is ruined (imo) by Stevie rudely interjecting "I WANNA BE WITH YOU" out of time with Chris, like a gopher poking it's head out of a hole to ruin your day and immediately disappear. It disrupts the flow/groove of the song so badly it's almost funny.

Don't Stop: It's only a partial recording and it's played over the credits. Lame.

It's a shame the unedited performance isn't available, as the removal of that editing may help the viewing experience. Also the cut performance of Brown Eyes is a damn shame as it was performed so well on this tour. Other cut performances include SYLM, Blue Letter, Rattlesnake Shake, Over My Head, Don't Let Me Down Again, HAEWAFY, You Make Loving Fun, and GYOW. Rhiannon and Gypsy were dropped by this point in the tour.
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