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Originally Posted by Netter75 View Post
The only thing worthwhile about that special was that performance of Isn't It Midnight IMO. It's not filmed nearly as horribly as "Dreams" or "Everywhere" and Stevie's additions actually add something (her backing vocals are mixed well and her "The face of a pretty girl" line after the first chorus is excellent). It's got great energy, the percussion was tastefully added, Christine sounds great (even if they added that weird double layer processing to it), and Vito rips with the solo. As much as I love how atmospheric the album track is, I wish there was studio version of the song performed the way they did it on this video. (

Seven Wonders wasn't *terrible* either but it was performed better at other shows on that tour.
I loves IIM and Seven Wonders on this tour. They did a great job. Lots of energy.
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