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Originally Posted by lovethemac1 View Post
I still find this so strange. They play here April 11th, and they are 50-60% sold, which doesn't include the secondary ticket companies like LiveNation that are advertising their tickets everywhere as well. I keep getting Ticketmaster emails every few hours saying "get your tickets fast," which I won't be doing, but they seem in desperation mode to try and sell this concert.

Last tour, they sold out in a few hours.

It's a sad sad situation. Esp for Rumours 5 fans.
Whether the tickets are selling quickly or slowly doesn't seem to matter. You don't have the 4th highest grossing tour without most or all of them selling eventually. Plenty of people are going and apparently having a good time. The fans enjoyed themselves for a night of fun, the band enjoyed performing and collected a nice paycheck for doing what they love. Business as usual...
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