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OMG we're old MacFan, I saw the Blockbuster performance, Macy Gray introduced her and Sheryl was on hand for moral support, the performance was pretty good and was meant to wow, Stevie's back! But as you say, it's a fast paced song- and I think it's pretty good but not in the vein of Edge of Seventeen or Long Way to Go. Sheryl in her own right is fine and I've enjoyed her through the years but not the best fit overall for Stevie's sound. Sheryl has gotten more bland over the years and made Stevie's sound bland. I agree If You Ever Did Believe and Crystal were fine redone. At the end of the day the flat singing brought down some of the more promising songs, the title track was killer but still flat and Candlebright's candle was snuffed out due to the harsh vocal. I do like TISL better than most fans, but frustrated that it could've and should've been much better.
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