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I remember hearing Every Day and being a little worried I wouldnít like the album, but then I heard Planets of the Universe and felt relieved. Every Day is such a strange song, I donít care who wrote it, it just isnít a strong song, and certainly not a strong first single.

I love:
Planets of the Universe, especially the long version.
Bombay Sapphires
Too Far From Texas
Trouble in Shangri-La
Fall From Grace

The rest of the songs do little for me. I donít hate them, but I canít say I like them, either. I skip them. I kind of wish I could combine The Other Side of the Mirror and Street Angel, and Trouble in Shangri-La and In Your Dreams together. These 4 albums separately leave me somewhat wanting, but taking the best of their songs and combining them would have created masterpieces.
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