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It's a very good album. I liked everything she did with taking on the sounds of the late 90s and 2000... i.e. the programming in the title track...the electronic breakdown in FFG before "I didn't ask when you shook your head"

For "Love Changes" I like how it's a freestyle vibe on top of a chord. It's almost like a responsorial psalm in a church.

The song I don't care for, which is due to Shanks, is POTU. I just love her piano version and the FM one with Mick on brushes. Shanks did great with producing the album, but his arrangement of POTU takes the power out of her lyric. It's the one song on the album that should be a rocker but it got the "Ray of Light" treatment and of course Tracy Young saw it worthy of a club version.

Happy anniversary. IYD 10 on Monday.

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