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Default Best guess at a timeline of the firing

I've honestly avoided all FM boards since the firing, and maybe before then. But lurking here again makes me want to share my grand unified theory of how Lindsey got dumped. So here goes:

1997: FM do The Dance and are pleasantly surprised by tour $ales.
1997-1998: FM get along during the tour and all the awards/hoopla/relevance.
2003-2014/2015: SYW done, SN/LB feuding again over album, pretend to like each other to keep fans from The Dance buying tickets while Christine is not in the band and they need LB.
2014-2016: FM tour with LB and CM and SN. LB and SN actively feuding but pretending not to as much as they can, continue to tour.
2016-2017: Stevie makes 24K Gold, gets good reviews, has strong touring with The Pretenders
2017: Buckingham/McVie comes out, clearly pissing off SN. FM do The Classic, SN, Mick, Irving Azoff see how The Eagles make tons of $$$$ with Vince Gill and Glen Frey's son, realize they don't need the full Rumours lineup as long as they have Stevie.
2018: Me too movement and Stevie builds up a head of steam that she is the aggrieved party and that LB doesn't deserve to be on tour because of past abuse issues, tells Vanessa Carlton. SN/LB continue pettiness at MusiCares, but SN decides that she's done and Azoff calls to fire LB.

The thing to remember is that SN and the band had to convince themselves they were justified. They needed to make LB a villain. And look, these are all SERIOUSLY flawed people, but I really think the big factors were seeing how much $$$$ The Eagles could make without the original lineup and for SN, feeling personally aggrieved about LB, whether it's the feelings that came up through Me Too, or him smirking or whatever else it is. But I think the Vanessa Carlton comment is probably a decent indicator of what Stevie was thinking too.

I don't think any of them are saints, but by all accounts (including Sara Fleetwood), LB has tried to work on himself to be a better person. I don't think any of the others have done anything but become worse -- more narcissistic, more greedy, less integrity. Needless to say, I won't be seeing FM in concert again. I do look forward to seeing LB.
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