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There was an interesting posting on Richards blog concerning Time:

Anonymous poster:
Hello Richard, what was it like working on the "Time" album during a period of such a big change within the band?

Richard Dashut:
I hated it. Remember having big problems with a stubborn Dave Mason, who wouldn’t take any production advice. Ended up quitting early on that one I was so frustrated. Felt like a big let down after five quality albums and with no Stevie and Lindsey, I had no real spiritual connection to the project. I probably agreed to do it in the first place just for the money, my bad.

I can see that come through on the album. Dave's songs (which aren't the strongest anyway) could perhaps have come across better with different/better production. I suppose that's what you get when you have people that have 'been around the block a few times'- set in their ways and unwilling to take direction from others.
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