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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post
According to Wikipedia, This album was also the first that failed to make the charts in the US. With no Stevie and Lindsey, and a barely presence of Christine
Christine sang lead on FIVE songs, more than Billy Burnette and Dave Mason COMBINED! She DOMINATED that record.

I guess nobody was enough interested in releasing a single, but I thought the record company always try to sell a record, so a single should always exist, or so I believed.
"I Do" was released, and I think "Winds of Change" was, too.

By the time it was released, Christine was out and Mick was working with Lindsey. The record company would likely rather have paid a large advance on a Lindsey-Mick record than on promoting a new Fleetwood Mac album knowing Christine McVie was no longer in the band.

What always kills me is how people talk about how it was such a huge failure (and it was), but fail to mention that Stevie and Lindsey also hit the skids in album sales around that time, and they promoted and toured behind their albums. The "Time" band was basically done by the time the album was released.
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