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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
In the context of this discussion, Lindsey was out of the band, they needed a guitarist, Mick called Mike, and they didn’t know each other prior to that call, aside from each having a working relationship with Stevie Nicks. Those are the basic facts that wouldn’t change regardless of how it was presented.
I think most people on here are well aware of these facts; they are also aware of the interactions that happened behind those facts. An additional fact, the one that seems to be the greatest driver of much of the 'vitriol', is the band members opted to present a highly manipulated story about what led up to Lindsey's departure, seemingly based on the idea that their fan base was comprised of total idiots who would swallow whatever they were selling without any critical analysis as to whether the story made sense or not. Their fans aren't Taylor Swift fans or Harry Styles fans.... FM longtime fans are a bit older, a bit wiser, and have memories not clouded by long nets of white. So a lot of the anger comes from the insulting fact that this group of people in whom so many of us have invested large amounts of energy, emotion, and yes, cold hard cash that contributes to their ability to afford presidential suites and private jets, essentially looked us all in the face and lied, believing we were too dumb notice.
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