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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Storms and Hypnotized, 2 of my favorite FM songs that I would have loved to have seen performed, were maybe too slow for the crowd, I don't know. My point is, there wasn’t a mass exodus for the bathroom whenever Neil took the lead... it really just depended on the song rather than who was singing it. At least that was my experience when I saw them live.
Did you not see Mac live in 2009? They did Storms that tour.

I think Stevie got bored of doing it in 2018. It really is a dull song. Even though Gypsy's done every tour, she can bop to it. Angel or Beautiful Child wouldve been better.

I agree DDIO was loved by the crowds in the shows I went to. I Got You there may've been some people walking, but not sections of people!
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