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Originally Posted by Mr Scarrott View Post
I think I would have had a hard time mentally accepting a version of Time as a Fleetwood Mac album that only had Billy Burnette as a vocal holdover from their previous (and worst ever, in my humble opinion) album... yes, Mick and John would have been on it, but come on...

In fact there is evidence that Christine was to be involved in 1993 with what was to become Time - go to about 8;10 on this video (filmed just before the Clinton inauguration). There was also an interview with her at around the time of The Dance when she said that her participation in the recording of Time was a contractual obligation..

"It's quite well publicised that I had planned not to tour again with Fleetwood Mac, so my excuse is that a girl can always change her you know, i don't know I would like to do a few concerts here and there and certainly pursue a solo career as well..hopefully Fleetwood Mac are going in the studio in April or thereabouts to make another album"

I think this was around the time that Billy had left which might explain the absence of his guitars from her songs and the use of Michael Thompson instead...Dave and Bekka joined in 1994, initially without the involvement of Billy, so the non-Christine tracks may have been recorded in 1994/5 with a few overdubs here and there on the Christine tracks.

Just my theory..but I am inclined to believe that Christine's tracks were recorded first, not that her songs were then recorded later to rescue the album. Not that they did, in terms of sales...

I think by that point (January 1993) Stevie may have pulled the plug on recording with them as well as touring... but it's all a bit murky...
I recall Q Magazine announcing Dave and Bekka joining in September 1993, initially with an inaccurate claim that Delaney Bramlett had also joined. In December they shared that photo with all of the Time lineup sans Billy posing with fake beards. Then the following year they played with no Chris but Billy back on board at the World Cup concert.

I was under impression that the reason for Chris's songs being done separately was her dislike for Dave Mason.

I have to confess that I had been going by this misleading phrase on Wikipedia "Mick Fleetwood mentioned in his autobiography that Christine McVie did not originally intend to participate on the album (she had technically quit in 1990) but that Warner Bros. had insisted she appear. As such, her five featured songs were recorded separately from the full band..."

Cross-checking with my Play On ebook it appears Mick made no such claim about Warners.

Also Stevie quit the group in late 1990 over a disagreement re Silver Springs and the rights to it. I'm not aware that she made any noise about rejoining until The Dance (the Clinton do notwithstanding).
Reuniting the Rumours line-up just produced 20 years of virtual silence. If Stevie didn't like the heat she should have quit the kitchen.

I know many will disagree - I have no desire to quarrel.

Peace and love everyone

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