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Originally Posted by Murrow View Post
Oh sure, take one of the three singer/songwriters out and you've got plenty room for a nice mix of old and new. The SYW and BuckVie tours are proof of that.

But even if you just plug the new album and chuck a few hits in at the end, you'd have had three singer/songwriters who will want their own fare share of their own songs included, baying fans (yes that includes me) who'd want all five classic era albums represented somehow.

I have to admit I'm amazed it took two years for anyone to respond to this thread since I started it in a fit of pique, I guess after the appearance on US TV with the baloney about LB not wanting to tour.
ha i didn't even look at the date of your post - it makes much more sense knowing when you actually posted!

about the 3 songwriters, yes - that's part of what Lindsey used to call "band politics". especially between him and Stevie - each wanted the same number of songs. Christine although she had more hits, seemed to not care as much judging by 2014-15 setlists. so yeah there are legendary bands with many more hits then the Mac, but they didn't have all that band politics to deal with when they would do just a couple of hits at the show.

i just checked setlists of the last year's tour and guess what? only 5 of Stevie-penned songs were in the setlist! (and 7 Christine-penned). so as long as LB is not there, Stevie apparently doesn't care how many of the songs she wrote are in the set. if you had 5 staples from each songwriter that's 15 all together and considering they'd usually do about 22, with the Chain that leaves a space for 6 new songs. so i don't buy nor am i willing to make any excuses for that bunch.

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