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Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
They performed for two nights in Cleveland. As I mentioned in another thread I was so excited for a perfect digital copy of my perfect soundboard bootleg. It was the version from 20/20 that I was hoping to have but they used the Angel recorded on the other show than the version we saw on tv. I didn't care for it on first listen because I was so let down that it wasn't what I had hoped for but now after two more listens I really like it a lot. But it still does not compare to my soundboard from the other night from Cleveland. So if the labeling is right, this version of Angel was recorded on May 20,1980 and the version I wanted(from 20/20) was recorded on May 21, 1980.
Thank you for those extra details, vivfox. So can you share the 20/20 Angel from May 21? I donít think I have a super-clear audience recording of that night in Cleveland. Itís been so long ago. The only super-clear recordings of the tour I had were the soundboards: Rehearsals, St. Louis, Yokohama, Melbourne, Sydney, Atlanta, and Mobile ó and now the pieces from the deluxe sets.
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