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Originally Posted by sleepless child View Post
June 4, 2019
I am fortunate to call her my friend.
What is Stevie Nicks like? What really happened with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac in 2018 (being replaced)?
Lindsey is a pain in the ass to work with, despite his once obvious talents. Stevie is a professional entertainer who quite honestly has never stopped touring for most of her career. I know of at least two incidents that Lindsey caused since ďThe DanceĒ, that quite frankly were the kinds of things an inexperienced unprofessional artist might tryÖ.at twenty. It is not my place to go into details here, but Stevie and the band were tired of Lindseyís ego etc.The truth is that Fleetwood Mac is a band that has withstood many incarnations,(and quite frankly I think the current is the best in decades), and these artists are in their seventies. Most people forget that touring and performing is a JOB. A very taxing one that is difficult when one is at the peak of their youth, never mind at the age that most people are taking Alaskan cruises. I donít think many people realize that Stevie has perfected her craft through a lifetime of hard work, while Lindsey has trouble filing small summer amphitheaters. He has never stopped being eaten up by jealousy of his ex-girlfriend because the Mac can fill arenas with Stevie. Without her, and with Lindsey they would be playing smaller venues and making much less $$$.

People outside the industry seem to forget something; itís called Show Business. Not Show pre-school. If Lindsey were integral to the success of the Macís touring, he would still be in the band. But he is not, and Stevie is. I hate to sound like a Stevie camp follower, itís just that numbers donít lie. Itís a businessÖnothing personal. Iím sure the tour is much smoother for EVERYONE touring right now!

I found this while reading twitter from someone I follow. She had posted this saying Brad really doesn't like Lindsey, the only reason I posted it in Rumours forum, was because of the comment he made about Lindsey and 2 incidents since The Dance tour. My only problem with his comments is that he probably never worked with Lindsey, and maybe never met him. He is only going by what Stevie told him. So maybe it's another tidbit into why she had him fired. His alluding to Lindsey not being as professional as Stevie is BS though.
Is Brad on Twitter? I would love to read any of the comments and maybe post a few of my own. EDIT I found his post. It is on Quora and it is too old to comment on.

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