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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Ridiculous! If the shoe were on the other foot, it would be all over the news. Nobody uses children and teenagers like the Democratic Party - high school shootings to get gun control, illegal immigrants children separated from parents to hurt ICE and Trump. You have to be living on another planet to not see how Democrats are always using children as a weapon.

He also called the teenager a n*gg*r. I guess that doesnít count when a Hispanic says it.

P.S there is an ďunnamed sourceĒ that claims the boys made remarks before hand but the liberal media wonít report who that source is. Also what the source claimed is ridiculous. People donít talk that way. Itís the media trying to protect their party again. Hopefully the Democratic Party finishes it suicide before the midterms.

Whaaaat? Seriously? You are comparing children being shot and kids being separated from their parents en-masse and put in cages with a teenager having a baseball cap taken, being sworn at and having a drink thrown at him.
FFS take a step back and think for a moment

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