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Default Peter Green & the famous "Highfish Commune" in Munich 1970

Hello there,

"Fleetwood Mac"- and "Peter Green"-fans should know that Rainer Langhans, famous former member of well known German communes, writes in an article ("Autobiography"/"Car-Biography") that he and his former girl-friend Uschi Obermaier met Peter Green in Munich, where they invited him to their (then well known) "High-Fish-Commune" (High-Fish = "stoned fish / shark"-commune):

It seems that Langhans and Obermaier were not really interested in Peter Green. - They just wanted to get in contact with Mick Taylor.

Langhans and Obermaier wished to organize a "Bavarian Woodstock". They wanted Jimi Hendrix and "The Rolling Stones" to be the leading stars of their Bavarian open air festival. - They needed the "Green God" just to get in contact with "The Rolling Stones" via Mick Taylor.

Read more about it, in the "Rolling Stone"-Forum (in German):
Peter Greens Trauma-Nacht mit deutschen Kommunarden 1970:

By the way: Rainer Langhans' girl-friend Christa Ritter tells she's gonna make a movie about Peter Green's Munich accident: Peter Green’s (Ex-Fleetwood Mac) Trauma-Nacht mit deutschen Kommunarden 1970:

Read more about Uschi Obermaier:

Last, not least: Please excuse my "English". I'm used to listen and read (in) English, but I'm not used to write in English. Sorry.

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