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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
I love 10CC "I'm Not In Love"

Everywhere on my 2 Home Pods (left channel/right channel) sounds so crisp and not dated at all. It's fresh and invigorates the palette and stuns the senses. The production is genius. And, it's still very much Fweeetwood Mac (as Christine calls it).
I've always been in raptures about Lindsey and Richard's production on Tango. I know a lot of people disparage it as sounding cold and inorganic, but I really don't agree - I think it's so absorbing and sophisticated.

In a way, I feel it completes the mythical identity that had been part of their appeal since Stevie and Lindsey joined. I remember Rolling Stone's review saying it sounded like the band members were 'calling out to each other from the turrets of a castle through the mist,' (or something).

I was thrilled to see Richard on the recent BBC documentary about Christine, demonstrating that the iconic tinkly opening to Everywhere was actually Lindsey playing a half-speed guitar that had been sped up, rather than a Fairlight as everyone had assumed.

There's a lot more about Lindsey's incredible production in this great Salon article:
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