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Thumbs down The hypocrisy of the new right

Seriously. I just could not help myself to stray into a political post but its so insane what is happening. The republicans are so funny in their hypocrisy. I used to be a republican so I can say this

Sarah Palin last year traveled all the way to Texas to get her hair done at a salon where the owner refused to wear a mask. The owner said it was her constitutional right to endanger her community. That's a long way to go to make a political point about masks. Fast forward to this year and Sarah Palin has Covid and is complaining about "bizarre" symptoms. Even worse is her son with pre-existing conditions also has Covid. Guess what? Now Sarah Palin has come out in support of wearing masks. Its just like the Senator who voted against gay rights until his son came out as gay then he supported gay rights. Unless it happens to you personally, its not reality. Its like what Jimmy Kimmel said, its like being clawed by a giant bear in the woods and then saying, I am now convinced that Bears have sharp claws and dangerous.

The bigger fool is weasel Marco Rubio. He can never take a position on a bill. He voted for a bi-partisan immigration bill and then went on Rush Limbaugh 30 minutes later to bash the bill that he not only sponsored but voted for. He posted on twitter a rambling speech going after corporations Delta Airlines and Coca Cola about them speaking out about the new GA voting bill. He is cancel culture on steroids. It was republicans that said corporations are people and they have the same right as citizens to donate money and speak out. Yet lil Marco is upset with these corporations. Seems when many on the right were cutting up their Target cards and trying to cancel Target because they introduced a gender neutral bathroom, he was silent.

You cant have it both ways. You cant scream cancel culture to the left when the republican right created and fully supports cancel cancel with introducing bills to target and harm the corporations who speak out against what they believe is wrong. They not only want them cancelled but punished. Laura Ingram and several others on Fox promote the same bullsh*t.
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