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I'm always up for hearing studio tracks I've never heard.

Other than that, the only thing I'd want is video and/or audio of the Burbank rehearsal in March, or concerts from the first couple of months--for example, the Cal Expo show in Sacramento, where everybody was on top of things and they did "When the Sun Goes Down" with Christine on accordion.

the fall and winter dates of the 1990 tour are not favorites of mine by any stretch. Stevie and her fog ruined a lot of songs.

By the way, there is radio-quality concert stuff from 1988 from Germany. It's a lot "truer" than the weirdly doubled vocals on the U.S. video release from San Francisco. The latter really and truly sounds like sh|t whenever there's a Nicks song. I guess the others sound all right (I'm thinking of "Everywhere"), but the video production is Cream Cheese with that constantly flying camera and slow motion/stop motion. It was just more Marty Callner crud that lowered the bar for a band that always prided itself on craftsmanship.
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