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Villavic, I don’t believe if FM performs songs live that they have to pay the songwriter, or Hipgnosis. What I believe Hipgnosic can do with any catalogs they’ve purchased is get royalties if the songs are used in movies. For example, if the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie includes Little Lies, then Hipgnosis would receive payment, not the songwriter(s). Also, they would have to grant permission for the movie to use the song. So what can happen, and why some people get cranky about songwriters selling their catalog even though it’s none of their business, is that Hypgnosis can sell the song for commercials. Imagine You Make Loving Fun being used in a commercial for a dating app, or Over My Head for a bankruptcy commercial.

I’m sure there’s much more to it, but those are the things that are most commonly associated with selling catalogs. Basically, they sell the rights now instead of leaving the estate to deal with it. I don’t blame any of them one bit for selling catalogs of songs that are nearly 50 years old. Get the cash now and divvy it up in their wills.

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