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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Iím not ďpro-Stevie,Ē I just donít dig how Lindsey has been canonized. I donít dig how everything Stevie says is pure evil, but everything Lindsey says is completely benign. Theyíre both a-holes who run their mouths, which is hardly anything new. And, theyíve been a-holes to each other.

The one thing I will give credit to Stevie for is wanting to do away with the prerecords and diving into deeper cuts. Yeah, a new album would be great, but Lindsey has become so predictable with his production that even new songs donít really feel new. LBCM felt more like a revisiting than something new or original.

Iím ambivalent about Lindsey. Iíve seen him more than any of the others outside of Fleetwood Mac, and hopefully will again. And, I probably wonít see Stevie solo, for the record (although Iíll definitely heck out Crowded House and Dirty Knobs if theyíre nearby). However, the prerecords, blatant vocal manipulations, set guitar arrangements, and psychobabble banter is rough to watch after a while. Of course he has a ton of energy on stage, heís on autopilot as a player. Thereís a banality to it. After seeing Richard Thompson, working for Guided by Voices, and, yes, seeing Mike Campbell, I prefer the elements of unpredictability and spontaneity with shows, and thatís simply not in Lindseyís lexicon.
I respect what you said. I don't agree that it was passive aggressive what he said about Stevie not having a spouse or family. From reading that 2009 quote, from watching Silver Springs from The Dance, the handholding, the tears from the Vegas 2013 performance, I think Stevie hoped it would've been that she & Lindsey would've been single and childless forever. But Lindsey had a kid & ended that hope.

As far as Stevie insisting on deep cuts, how do you mean?

Know I'm Not Wrong, Storms, Beautiful Child, Oh Well, 7 Wonders, Not that Funny, Oh Well were done from 03-15

Are you talking about BMW, Tell Me, & Hypnotized? She sang BMW, sure, but most of that performance was Mike & a solo from Chris. I wish she added a verse written by her instead "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah"
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