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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I agree with your assessment of the movie. I thought its 2018 predecessor was a better movie. However considering how long the series has been drawn out, its a miracle its not a trash movie.
I also can talk about Halloween and John Carpenter movies for hours. The Fog is another favorite that features many of the same actors as Halloween. I also am in the minority but Season of the Witch is a cult classic but I get what people don't like it. Its hard to have a good scary movie without understanding WHY the evil is happening. My dream of a lifetime is to visit the lighthouse in CA in the movie The Fog.
The Fog is amazing. It's a perfect "ghost" story. I can watch it and be scared, but not have to cover my eyes because I don't like gore. HIII is also a favorite. People give it crap because there is no Michael Myers, but if it was just called Season of the Witch, I bet they would like it.
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