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Originally Posted by paleshadow View Post
I didn't love it, but it was OK. I agree about bringing back some of the old characters like Nurse Chambers, Sheriff Brackett and Lindsey Wallace. I didn't care for Anthony Michael Halls portrayal of Tommy though. I have to say I miss the "stalker" aspect of Michael. Also, I thought the angry town mob was a little over done. I mean, the last film erases all the sequels after 1978. In this series, Michael has been incarcerated for the last 40 years, but they are behaving as if he's been running amuck the whole time. LOL. sorry I could talk about Halloween for hours.
I agree with your assessment of the movie. I thought its 2018 predecessor was a better movie. However considering how long the series has been drawn out, its a miracle its not a trash movie.
I also can talk about Halloween and John Carpenter movies for hours. The Fog is another favorite that features many of the same actors as Halloween. I also am in the minority but Season of the Witch is a cult classic but I get what people don't like it. Its hard to have a good scary movie without understanding WHY the evil is happening. My dream of a lifetime is to visit the lighthouse in CA in the movie The Fog.
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